Getting Started with ThermoCycle

In this first tutorial, the steps necessary to load the correct packages to use ThermoCycle v2.x with Dymola 2015 are reported.

Step 1
Download ThermoCycle library v2.0 from the ThermoCycle download page.

Step 2
Downlad the ExternalMedia library from the ExternalMedia download page.

Step 3
Extract the downloaded files using the 7zip program.

Step 4
Launch Dymola 2015 on your Computer.

Step 5
From the modeling window of Dymola use the Open icon to browse to the ThermoCycle folder and open the ThermoCycle file


Dymola starts loading the ThermoCycle library and the following will be displayed:


In order to use the ThermoCycle library you need to load on Dymola 2015 also the ExternalMedia library, which allows the computation of thermophysical and transport properties of the fluids.

To load the External Media library, repeat the same procedure adopted for the ThermoCycle library. See step 5.

Once Dymola have loaded the ExternalMedia library the following will be displayed:


Congratulations! You have set the environment needed to use the ThermoCycle library in Dymola 2015. You are now ready to simulate a wide range of thermo-hydraulic systems. Enjoy it!!