The CoolProp2Modelica Library is used as the interface between the ThermoCycle library and CoolProp, an open-source thermodynamic and transport property software database.

It is compatible only with the ThermoCycle library version 1.x and Dymola2014.

Download the CoolProp2Modelica Library (Last updated: June 17 2014)
(in case of downloading issue, try right click – save link as)

The library requires the CoolProp Modelica wrapper to be installed on the target system. This wrapper can be downloaded and compiled from the CoolProp website.
Pre-compiled versions using VisualStudio2010 have also be made available for a number of target systems and compilers.
The CoolPropLib.lib file should be copied in the “Dymola xxxx\bin\lib\” folder of the Dymola installation. The coolproplib.h file should be copied in the “Dymola xxxx\source\” folder.

CoolPropLib for Visual Studio 2010 (Last updated: June 17 2014)
CoolPropLib.h (Last updated: June 17 2014)

Compiling the CoolProp Modelica wrapper.

In case a different version of Visual Studio is used, or if CoolProp2Modelica is to be used in Linux or OS/X, please download the latest release of CoolProp2Modelica from github and follow the instructions on the website.

CoolProp source code on Sourceforge, and run the appropriate building script (e.g. for Visual Studio 2012, run /wrappers/Modelica/BuildLIB-VS2012.bat), and copy the .lib and .h files as described above.